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The news that tops today's "Site News" is that the old "digitaldream" is gone and in its place is "", with a whole new look and the same content plus some new content - the new "Guitar Players Web forum," a forum for exchanging information about guitar and music-related resources on the Internet, a new Photo Gallery of my Leopard Geckos with more pictures, and at the bottom of the menu, a button for easily e-mailing me.

I'm just very excited to put this new site on the Web. It's a pretty simple site, which is a good achievement, but a lot of time and effort went into putting it together.

As far as my little colony of Leopard Geckos goes, the breeding season has started and I have separated Jake from the females so that I won't have any viable eggs. Last season was so tough, and beyond my resources.

I will postpone a decision until the end of the season whether or not to try to get a couple of clutches from Indi before the season is over.


Roxy laid 2 eggs last night! They seem pretty good-sized. I thought she was gravid a week or two ago, but I think she layed them last night. The problem is that she laid them on the felt substrate and when I found them this morning they were over 50% dehydrated. I'm hoping they'll develop anyway.

Indi is looking quite rotund now too, and I'm expecting her to lay a couple of eggs very soon, despite her small size.

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks. I lost the url for the forum server, went looking for it last night, found it and registered. It's very nice. It should be fairly simple to put a link into the main page of digitaldreams.

I have also been working on version 2 of the main page, a new incarnation of digitaldreams that puts all the content in 800 pixels for people running 800 x 600 resolution. There are also some other things I have been working on on the main page - I've been trying to come up with a graphic for the menu so it will be easier to manage, but it seems more cumbersome than helpful, so I think I will try good old HTML.

I am going to sign a lease on a new place this morning and I'll hopefully be moving this weekend. When I get settled in a little, my Leopard Gecko Jake will spend some time with Roxy. Hopefully I'll get some baby Leopard Geckos out of this. I know that at 20 months, Jake has been waiting for some time :)

So, it sounds like a lot, but I anticipate that most of version 2 as well as the new Leopard Gecko Forum should be up in a short period of time.


Hi everybody! I'm very relieved. Someone must like me up there, because I did a search and found a better forum hosting site than the one we had. So I'll be getting our new forum set up and going, and then life will be back to the usual wrestling with my site's code. I really feel like I should say a prayer of thanks.

8/21/2002, the company that hosts our forum and my guest book, has notified me that they will be ceasing these operations as of 8/26/2002.

Needless to say, I am quite upset at the loss of the forum. The forum will stay open until 8/25/2002
, and I will be looking for another solution that I can implement.

Thanks for your support.

Hey, listen up!
The User/Password system for the Leopard Gecko Discussion Forum is now in place. In the mean time, until all of the current users can get an account, you will still be able to access the forum from the digitaldreams main page.

To obtain an account, send me an e-mail at

Please enter in the Subject: field the words "Request Account".

Please type in the Message Body your preferred user name (it is case-sensitive), a second choice, and your password (A-z, 0-9) up to 16 characters, and your personal identification that would be used for your protection to identify you in case you lose your password.

		Julie (user name, captials count!) 
		Julie1 (second choice, user name) 
		fuzzy (password, lower case counts) 
		Mother's maiden name (personal identification question) 
		Smith (personal identification answer)  


I just put in my bookmarks (links) from Mozilla, which you will find under "links" in the menu. Check 'em out!

I'm also working to implement a password protection solution in front of the Leopard Gecko Discussion Forum. It's not working right this minute, but I'll get it...

On a more personal note, September will be a very busy month for me. I'm already worrying about it . My sister Karen is getting married to Steve, one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet, and there will be multiple festivities and limo rides and all sorts of social stuff. Also, Steve is Italian, and I've never been to an Italian wedding before, so it should be interesting.

I have a couple of things planned myself, and I'm just worried that something will screw things up. Hopefully my virgin leopards Jake and Roxy will lose their virginity sometime in the middle of September.

See you soon!

This site itself is still a work in progress. The forum, however, is competely usable (yay!). I am working to implement a login/password protection for the forum, so if someone is radically misbehaving or not following the rules (next project), we can suspend or expel them.

I would also like to try putting in the message book and see if I can get it to run this time. I am also trying to finish up my Leopard Gecko care sheet and putting it up.

Leave me a message in the forum!!